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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

UA Software develops various types of modern mobile games and business applications. We started in 2002 with just a few clients and now we cooperate with enterprises from the whole world. We propose the most effective and flexible solutions to satisfy demands of our clients.



UA Software develops AR/VR applications with interactive 3D content for various areas: sport, transport, medicine, ad, games and many others. Using modern tools our engineers can offer you the best business applications that will help you to represent your product or service in the best light.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We can help you to take advantages of the computer science and implement solutions related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Use expirience of our engineers to solve business tasks and get the leadership in your industry.

Data science experience

Our experienced engineers can help you to solve data tasks of your business with best tools built by data scientists. Take advantages of data modeling and visualization to transform real world data into valuable information for you business. We automate data processing to create data driven models to help you generate business ideas from structured or unstructured data.


Machine learning experience

We’ve built a few successful projects and we can help you to build an intelligent solution that uses analytic models and algorithms that learn from data. Using cluster analysis, Bayesian network, k-nearest neighbors and genetic algorithms our engineers mimic human intelligence and make computers solve the same problem in new cirumstances based on learned experiences with a high level of accuracy.


Go from idea to MVP in just 80 days

Got an idea? Tell us and we’ll give you feedback on your idea, budget and possible solutions.

Our team will work with you closely to learn about your business needs and design the best product for your users.

Following the world’s best practices we’ll write code and design UI to create your software right.

We’ll write automated tests to make sure our code is working properly.

Our team will help you to bring your product to the world with minimum efforts.

Several facts about our company

  • Our employees speak English well
  • Average time of cooperation with our clients is 5-8 years
  • Our developers are ready to help 4 am – 2 pm EST
  • Core employees have been working in the company for 10-15 years
  • Our full stack specialists can complete almost any task

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