2D MMO browser game Moon-a-boom: Chronicles of the Broken Moon
General info

2D MMO browser game Moon-a-boom for the American company Bitfold Online.

Objectives of app

The society of Undermoondy was permanently calm and peaceful; a large number of wise species has happily existed with each other in bright large castles, enjoying their elementary felicity. But in one moment everything has fallen. A lonely old pangolin Havock-Havock, who has been forgotten to be put in the retirement home, has taken umbrage at all and began to live as hermit in the depths of Great Dust Hole inhabited with others like him, in utter desertion dregs of humanity. The years passed and Havock-Havock couldn’t have died and his heart was filled with black anger. Foremost Havock has destroyed the moon, what makes it tо split up into much small wreckage and has fallen down to earth. Night fell into a boundless darkness, and under cover of darkness more and more growing armies of the Great Havock have spread on the wonderful side. End of the world seemed a matter of time only, but suddenly there was a miracle...


We have developed all the necessary server and customer functionality. Among the distinctive features of the game are: the peculiar mode of fight interesting and big world for studying, the ability to send and snatch the caravans, and much more.

Product info
Minimum version of the host systemWindows XP
Interface languageRussian
CustomerBitfold Online