Corebox tools

Corebox Thumbnails Generator

Generator of the thumbnails for preview of intersecting deposit lines to each other. Used as a supplement to Corebox 3D Tool.

Corebox Calculator

Program for calculating the residual grade of mineralized intervals without taking into account the high grade subintervals.

Corebox Scatter Plot

Used to compare the drillings interceptions (intercepts). The graph is especially useful for assessment of early stage of exploration projects, comparing the latest results with previous; the values ​​of each individual intercept are determined.

Corebox 3D Tool

Three-dimensional app (using WebGL) which allows seeing how the drill traces cross with each other. By using this program it is easy to understand how the new intercepts relate to the previous and the significance of each of them becomes obvious.

Corebox iPad Application

Corebox allows the mining investors, analysts and fund managers to understand the results of the drilling of public companies better. A simple to use 3D model illustrates the spatial relationship between drill intersections displayed. Changing the cut-off, investors can visually view important information about the distribution of ore material types in the new mineral deposits.

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Minimum version of the host systemiOS 6.0+
Interface languageEnglish